SwiftForth IDE for Windows, Linux and macOS


Use SwiftForth for developing Windows, Linux, or OS X applications.

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SwiftForth is the interactive development environment for developing software to run on Windows, Linux, or macOS with i386 family processors. Applications you write can take full advantage of native OS calls and functions, and are standalone, “native” apps.

Your purchase of a SwiftForth license entitles you to develop on all three platforms — Windows, Linux and macOS.


  • No need for an external compiler, assembler, or linker.
  • Easy access to all system functions and dynamic libraries.
  • Includes SWOOP™, a powerful Forth object-oriented programming system.
  • Command window provides interactive development environment.
  • Simple linking to the programmer’s editor of your choice.
  • Advanced debugging features include built-in cross reference, source browser, and disassembler/decompiler.
  • Powerful rule-based optimizing compiler.

PDF documentation included, as with all FORTH, Inc. products. (Or, buy a print copy of the SwiftForth Reference Manual from Amazon.com!)

System requirements

SwiftForth requires an i386-compatible CPU.1 These are the OS-specific requirements:

  • SwiftForth for Windows: Windows Vista or later
  • SwiftForth for macOS: Mac OS X 10.6 through macOS 10.14 (requires 32-bit library support; won’t work with Catalina)
  • SwiftForth for Linux: Linux 2.6 kernel or later with 32-bit library support

1To program a Beaglebone, Raspberry Pi, or other embedded ARM Linux board, check out SwiftX-ARM for Linux.

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