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SwiftForth IDE for Windows, Linux and OS X


Use SwiftForth for developing Windows, Linux, or OS X applications.

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See below for upgrades and related options.

SwiftForth is the interactive development environment for developing software to run on Windows, Linux, or OS X with i386 family processors. Applications you write can take full advantage of native OS calls and functions, and are standalone, “native” apps.

Your purchase of a SwiftForth license entitles you to develop on all three platforms — Windows, Linux and OS X.


  • No need for an external compiler, assembler, or linker.
  • Easy access to all system functions and dynamic libraries.
  • Includes SWOOP™, a powerful Forth object-oriented programming system.
  • Command window provides interactive development environment.
  • Simple linking to the programmer’s editor of your choice.
  • Advanced debugging features include built-in cross reference, source browser, and disassembler/decompiler.
  • Powerful rule-based optimizing compiler.

Documentation included, as with all FORTH, Inc. products.

System requirements

SwiftForth requires an i386-compatible CPU.1 These are the OS-specific requirements:

  • SwiftForth for Windows: Windows Vista or later
  • SwiftForth for Mac OS X: Mac OS X 10.6 or later
  • SwiftForth for Linux: Linux 2.6 kernel or later with 32-bit library support

1To program a Beaglebone, Raspberry Pi, or other embedded ARM Linux board, check out SwiftX-ARM for Linux.

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Upgrading a Licensed SwiftForth?

Consider these options if you already have a SwitfForth license:


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