SwiftX Release History

This page lists recent SwiftX release notes. For versions released prior to 2021, see the SwiftX Release Archive.

Update policy

Updating to the latest version of SwiftX is available to customers within their support period. The support period included with the original purchase of a SwiftX system is one year. Your support subscription may be renewed in one-year increments for $199. Included in the support subscription are unlimited downloads of new releases (see the Release History below for the frequency and content of SwiftX releases) as well as engineer-level technical support via email.

Please contact us about upgrading from SwiftX Lite to SwiftX Pro.

SwiftX-3.16.0 (15-Apr-2024)


  • Updated to latest ARM J-Link SDK 7.96d (release notes)
  • Added support for NXP Kinetis KL27 series with project folder for the FRDM-KL27Z board

SwiftX-3.15.10 (02-Mar-2024)


  • Updated to latest ARM J-Link SDK 7.94l
  • Restore [SHORT] default after EMPTY

SwiftX-3.15.9 (26-Jan-2024)


  • Updated to latest ARM J-Link SDK 7.94g


  • Built on SwiftForth 3.12.0
  • Stack display in debug window now shows unsigned if base is HEX
  • Target-resident interpreter/compiler S” and C” now have interpreted versions as well as compiled (based on STATE). Caution: These overwrite PAD when used interpretively.

SwiftX-3.15.8 (01-Aug-2023)


  • Updated to latest ARM J-Link SDK 7.88n.
  • Added RTC date/time interface with 32 kHz LFE clock to STM32H7 Nucleo board on the Cortex-M4 side.

SwiftX-3.15.7 (24-Jun-2023)


  • Added J-Link software installer to provide GUI services to the J-Link DLL used by SwiftX. Be sure to select the “Install Segger J-Link” checkbox at the end of the SwiftX installer.

SwiftX-3.15.6 (21-Jun-2023)

This release has been withdrawn due to changes in the J-Link DLL. Please use 3.15.7 instead and be sure to install the Segger J-Link software update bundled in the SwiftX installer.


  • Updated to latest ARM J-Link SDK 7.88h
  • Added [LONG] and [SHORT] compiler directives to set long conditional branches for large code structures (e.g. long IF … THEN branches). The default is [SHORT] (as it always has been).
  • Improved the default <SPIN> crash handler to include one instruction that sets R4 to the vector number to help debug crashes using the R. register dump.

SwiftX-3.15.5 (22-Mar-2023)


  • Updated to latest ARM J-Link SDK 7.86e
  • Changed debug window stack display pane to show unsigned when BASE is in HEX
  • Corrected /VECTORS to set all unused vectors to the default <SPIN> crash handler
  • Added the interrupt vector numbers to reg_stm32h745.f

SwiftX-3.15.4 (19-Feb-2023)


  • Updated to latest J-Link SDK 7.86
  • Restored optional serial XTL functionality for ARM-Linux targets
  • Moved serial device path declaration to config.f

SwiftX-3.15.3 (25-Jan-2023)


  • Updated to latest J-Link SDK 7.84d
  • Corrected /VECTORS to set all 32 NVIC vectors to the default <SPIN> crash handler

SwiftX-3.15.2 (17-Nov-2022)


  • Updated to latest J-Link SDK 7.82c
  • Removed arm/lpc/flashloader.f which has been supplanted by J-Link flash programming
  • Fixed legacy ARM project and register files so they load correctly using J-Link as the debug and flash programming interface

SwiftX-3.15.1 (14-Nov-2022)


  • Updated to latest J-Link SDK 7.82b
  • Added support for RP2040 Core1. See the comment blocks in core1.f and sample code in core1-demo.f .

SwiftX-3.15.0 (03-Nov-2022)


  • Updated to latest J-Link SDK 7.82a
  • Added support for RP2040 (Core 0 only for now) on Raspberry Pi Pico board

Note: The RP2040 requires J-Link V11 (for the “base” model) or later due to the SWD implementation on the chip.


  • Added BYTEREV to assembler
  • Corrected decode of BYTEREV in disassembler

SwiftX-3.14.0 (19-Sep-2022)


  • Added LPC-E2468 eval board
  • Migrated all demo targets from Cross-Connect Light to Segger J-Link
  • Removed support for Cross-Connect Light (which is obsolete)

SwiftX-3.13.1 (02-Jun-2022)


  • Build on latest SwiftForth, which fixes an uncaught Windows exception triggered by Windows Remote Desktop. (Thanks to Chris Huntley for helping tracking this down.)

SwiftX-3.13.0 (26-May-2022)


  • Fixed .ALLOCATION to hide the host version


  • Updated to latest J-LINK SDK version 7.66
  • Added MSP and PSP to R. register display
  • Added support for STM32H7 parts, Nucleo H745ZIQ eval board from ST

SwiftX-3.12.7 (29-Dec-2021)


  • Updated to latest J-LINK SDK version 7.60b.


  • Updated to MSP430 driver library
  • Restored UT/MOD in mixed math operators for extended precision.

SwiftX-3.12.6 (23-May-2021)


  • Updated to latest J-LINK SDK version 7.20b.


  • Fixed an optimizer bug introduced in 3.12.5 that generates incorrect STS instead of OUT instruction. (Thanks to Graeme Cole for the detective work.)
  • Always generate the fuse byte arguments passed to the flash programming script even when they’re zeroes.
  • Added SOS demo for the ATtiny817 Xplained Pro board.

SwiftX-3.12.5 (14-May-2021)


  • Updated to latest J-LINK SDK version 7.20a.


  • Updated to newer version of AVRDUDE programming utility (adds support for JTAGv2 to UPDI bridge)
  • Fixed a few incorrect register addresses for the ATtiny1634 (thanks to Tony Ware for the corrections)
  • Added support for ATtiny817 Xplained Pro evaluation board. (Note: This same project should work with the Xplained Mini board, but AVRDUDE refuses to program it. Some future AVRDUDE update may fix this.)

SwiftX-3.12.4 (26-Jan-2021)


  • Fixed edge case comparison in <, >, MIN, MAX.
  • This version replaces 3.12.3, which has been withdrawn.

SwiftX-3.12.3 (22-Jan-2021)

Note: This release has been withdrawn. Please use 3.12.4 or later.


  • Fixed edge case comparison in D< (used in DMAX and DMIN)
  • Replaced DU< with common SwiftX version