More Forth Web Sites

FIG is the world’s oldest organization supporting Forth programmers and the Forth language. It is a non-profit group that specializes in providing reference and tutorial materials, software, and professional contacts within the industry.

A new effort, spearheaded by Stephen Pelc of MPE, a UK-based Forth vendor. FLAG’s objective is to provide portable Forth libraries accessible from one place.

Forth 200x establishes the new standards process for updating the ANS Forth-1994 standard. Read about the details and how you can get involved in this process.

Open Firmware (also, OpenBoot) is a hardware-independent firmware, developed by Mitch Bradley at Sun Microsystems, and used in post-NuBus PowerPC-based Apple Macintosh computers, Sun Microsystems SPARC based workstations and servers, IBM POWER systems, Pegasos systems, and the laptop designed by OLPC among others. It is available under a BSD license. Open Firmware is accessed via a Forth-based shell interface and fulfills many of the same tasks as BIOS does on PC computers, although Open Firmware is considerably more powerful.

The Forth Scientific Library project develops and referees Forth code of particular value in scientific applications. The team is implementing, for example, the ACM libraries, BLAS, LINPACK, etc.

The euroFORTH Conference is the preeminent Forth gathering outside the U.S.A. It is held each year in a European venue that provides an attractive backdrop to the technically sophisticated, socially relaxed meeting.

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