SwiftX Cross Compilers for Microcontrollers and Microprocessors


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SwiftX is an interactive development environment (IDE) and cross compiler for developing code to run on microcontrollers and microprocessors. Select processor, license type (Pro or Lite), and the number of licenses. SwiftX is licensed per developer, not per computer. One developer may use SwiftX on multiple machines, but may not share the license with any other users.

SwiftX Pro includes project management tools, an optimizing compiler, code stripper, optional target-resident interpreter and compiler, and complete source code for the cross compiler as well as the target. SwiftX Pro is intended for commercial and professional application development. We recommend SwiftX Pro for professional and commercial embedded application development.

SwiftX Lite is a low-cost, entry-level system that is intended for hobbyists or individual engineers. It provides a basic toolset, the SwiftX host development environment, and target source code. SwiftX Lite is a good way to learn about the SwiftX programming approach or to get a quick start on your embedded systems project. SwiftX Lite does not include project management, code optimizer, code stripper, target-resident interpreter/compiler, or the cross-compiler source.

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*License pricing is per developer, not per computer.