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Forth Implementation Features

Optimizing Compiler

Programming Tools

Debugging Tools

SWOOP Object-Oriented Programming

Libraries, Functions, Callbacks, and Threads

Windows Programming

SwiftForth Programming References

Release History

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Mac and the Mac logo are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

SwiftForth and SwiftX programming language development systems

Important Notice

SwiftForth™, SwiftX™ and SwiftOS™ are trademarks of FORTH, Inc. and have been in commercial use since 1997. There is no connection whatsoever with the new Swift Programming Language for iOS and OS X, which was announced on June 2, 2014 by Apple, Inc.

SwiftForth is a fast, efficient, ANS Forth development system for the Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X environments.

Forth development system for Windows Forth development system for Linux Forth development system for Mac OS X

SwiftForth is written entirely in Forth! SwiftForth compiles itself, so there is no external compiler, assembler, or linker required.

Your SwiftForth license purchase gives you all three platforms -- Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X!

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Order SwiftForth systems and renew support subscriptions.

SwiftForth evaluation versions

Download SwiftForth Evaluation Versions

Try SwiftForth free before you buy!

Upgrade to SwiftForth 3.x

Upgrade from your old SwiftForth 2.x system to the newest version for 25% off! Order online or contact sales@forth.com to place your order.

See the SwiftForth Software Updates page for release notes and details.


This full-featured development environment has everything required to write Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X applications in Forth. Access to system functions is simple, and Forth's legendary conciseness and flexibility offer a robust and flexible framework for software developers.


After installation, the full SwiftForth documentation (all in PDF format; requires Adobe Reader) will be located in the SwiftForth/doc directory. The documentation consists of:

Complete source code

The fully licensed version of SwiftForth includes complete source, including the kernel, Interactive Development Environment (IDE), and all features.

SwiftForth also includes the cross compiler, which compiles the kernel, so you can customize the kernel to your needs.

System Requirements

These are the OS-specific requirements for SwiftForth:

SwiftForth requires an i386-compatible CPU. If you're looking for something for your Beaglebone, Raspberry Pi, or other embedded ARM Linux board, check out SwiftX-ARM for Linux targets.

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