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    Kevin Appert

    Chuck Moore and GreenArrays are confirmed!

    Visit the Countdown to Forth Day at …

    This year, Forth Day is on November 17 … by long tradition, the 3rd Saturday of November.

    CALL FOR PAPERS – please send us a title, two-line abstract, and estimate of time duration SOON.

    You’re more than welcome to attend even if you are not presenting.

    Forth Day is brought to you by the Silicon Valley Forth Interest Group.

    The Speakers’ Schedule will be posted when it takes shape, here:

    Come join the fun. If you can’t be there in person, we’ll be streaming the meeting live on YouTube. More information on the Speakers’ Schedule page.

    If there is any demand, I will bring hard-cover copies of “Starting Forth” for sale. There may be a copy of “Threaded Interpretive Languages” available and an intellaSys USB stick available at outrageous prices.

    Andreas will have copies of “Starting Forth” and the ‘Book of the Month’ for sale at the meeting for $10 a copy. We are hoping a full catalog available by Forth Day.
    The new gallery is here:

    Check the SVFIG website for more information:

    Other Forth Day information will be posted there in due course. The agenda, source files, PowerPoint, links to video and still pictures from last year and other past years are there now.

    SVFIG maintains a meeting announcement email list and a discussion emailing list. You are welcome to subscribe to either or both even if you are not in the Bay Area.

    Forth Day will be held on the campus of Stanford University. The location of Forth Day at Stanford should not be considered to be an endorsement of Forth Day, Forth, or SVFIG by the University.

    Kevin Appert
    email: forther_at_comcast_dot_net
    SVFIG Program Chairman

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