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    What I like a lot about Forth is that it’s a very integrated package.

    Am I the only one who would like to take that even further and would like to have an option to a very simple text editor built in the SwiftForth IDE?

    Of course it should not try to compete with the likes of Notepad++, but just something like the basic Notepad on Windows would be fine to me. IMO it should have a button to directly run the entered code in the interpreter, that is what I’m really missing the most now.

    From the beginning I encountered Forth, I didn’t really enjoy to constantly ALT+TAB between two external programs.

    Kind regards,



    This could be done, but I’m not sure the benefits would be worth the effort. There is always BLOCKEDIT though. But for me, having UltraEdit open alongside the SF window is no problem. I can have several source files open in UltraEdit, for example. Then save the edit, then just include the new version with a single keystroke or two. I also have SwiftForth set up to load a source into UltraEdit with the ‘edit <sourcefile>’ command too… a very handy feature.


    Andreas Klimas

    I have been working with Smalltalk for about 10 years. Forth is its own environment, like Smalltalk. Smalltalk comes with a great IDE and lots of tools and of corse with an nice editor. So I support this vote to have an integrated editor and more sophisticated IDE tools – but all in ASCII mode.

    Why: because I’m working on different computers with different operating systems (linux and MacOSX). 99.9% the time I’m working through ssh and hence I have almost no graphics and no mouse.

    I like the idea to simply copy one single file and all I need is included. this is more advanced then Smalltalk where I need at least four files (vm, image, changes and source)

    I’m new to Forth, so I will see how useful the blockeditor is.

    Best Wishes
    Andreas Klimas

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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