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    Darin Murphy

    If so please let me know as I am currently learning forth using “Starting forth” and hoping to find other newbies as well as experience forth developers, who maybe able to answer questions, give suggestion as needed. Thanks in advance for any help! Take care now.



    Hello Darin,

    Starting Forth remains iconic. You also want to add Brodie’s Thinking Forth, The Forth Programming Handbook by Conklin & Rather, and Programming Forth by Pelc et. al. Additionally it helps to have the Forth introduction for the specific Forth version that you use and links to archives of similarly iconic Forth publications.

    Wil Blake


    Darin Murphy

    Thank you Wil for that useful book list. I am currently using “Starting Forth” and will be switching over to “Thinking Forth” afterwards. I was hoping that there would be more activity on this site. I do spend quite a bit of time reading comp.lang.forth and a few other scattered sites. It’s nice to see that forth hasn’t gone extinct yet and I am very impressed with it. I’ve spent over 20+ years reading about and trying other languages like Assembly, C, C++, Java, Lisp, Basic, Python, Racket, Javascript, HTML (if you could call it a programming language), Perl, and PHP, but forth seems to follow my mindset better and my requirements. It’s small, fast, clean and it’s philosphy is simple. I’m still a noobie, so I’m taking things slowly and not rushing. I also practice the examples almost everyday, while giving myself time to absorb and digest what I have learned. My goal is simply to understand forth as deeply and as completely as I can. I think forth is one of the best languages out there because simply there is no better, less buggy, less complicated, less bloated language out there. I know, I’ve tried and studied every player out there. Thanks again for your help Wil. Take care now.



    Besides being healthy for the brain, Forth is quite fun too. Though I do most of my production work these days in C#, I’m enjoying working on a fluid dynamics simulation (cubic non-compressible liquid) in SwiftForth. It will be faster than C# for one thing.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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