SwiftX Cross Compilers for Rad-Hard Microprocessors


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Intersil HS-RTX2010RH — radiation-hardened microcontrollers

The HS-RTX2010RH is a radiation-hardened 16-bit microcontroller with on-chip timers, an interrupt controller, a multiply-accumulator, and a barrel shifter. It is particularly well suited for space craft environments where very high speed control tasks which require arithmetically intensive calculations, including floating point math, to be performed in hostile space radiation environments.

This processor incorporates two 256-word stacks with multitasking capabilities, including configurable stack partitioning and over/underflow control.

Instruction execution times of one or two machine cycles are achieved by utilizing a stack oriented, multiple bus architecture. The high performance ASIC Bus, which is unique to the RTX product, provides for extension of the microcontroller architecture using off-chip hardware and application-specific I/O devices.

RTX microcontrollers support the Forth programming language natively. The HS-RTX2010RH is an extremely powerful processor serving numerous applications in high performance space systems. The HS-RTX2010RH has been designed for harsh space radiation environments and features outstanding Single Event Upset (SEU) resistance and excellent total dose response.

Aeroflex UT69R000 — radiation-hardened microcontrollers

The UT69R000 is a radiation-hardened high-performance microcontroller designed, manufactured, and tested to meet rigorous radiation environments. UTMC designed and implemented the UT69R000 using an advanced radiation-hardened twin-well CMOS process. The combination of radiation-hardness, high throughput, and low power consumption makes the UT69R000 ideal for high-speed systems in satellites, missiles, and avionics applications.

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