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Serious Embedded Developers are Choosing SwiftX

SwiftX is a superb tool for building embedded systems. We use it for our own contract programming and hardware engineering projects.*

SwiftForth and SwiftX programming language development systems

Important Notice

SwiftForth™, SwiftX™ and SwiftOS™ are trademarks of FORTH, Inc. and have been in commercial use since 1997. There is no connection whatsoever with the new Swift Programming Language for iOS and OS X, which was announced on June 2, 2014 by Apple, Inc.

Fast embedded-systems development,
efficient and robust embedded applications.

SwiftX for embedded system development

When you choose SwiftX, you get the powerful toolset we developed and use in our own business. It grew from our 43-year history of helping embedded systems developers, programmers and engineers get results faster by using the Forth programming language.

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Application Note

SwiftX Application Development (344 kB .zip)
Sample application and paper demonstrating the development of a simple embedded Forth application (a Morse code distress signal) developed using SwiftX. The application is ported to three completely different CPU types by changing only the hardware API code. Includes source code.