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Download the SwiftForth evaluation versions using the links below. After installation, the full SwiftForth documentation (all in PDF format; requires Adobe Reader) will be located in the SwiftForth/doc directory. The documentation consists of:

There is no time limit on the SwiftForth evaluation version. However, the evaluation version does not include these components (which are added when you purchase a license):

Free Download
SwiftForth for Windows

download Forth for Windows here

SwiftForth Evaluation for Windows

Download and launch the SwiftForth Windows installer package.

Free Download
SwiftForth for Linux and Mac OS X

download Forth for Windows here

SwiftForth Evaluation for Linux and Mac OS X

SwiftForth for Linux and Mac OS X is distributed as a tarball. Please read the installation instructions for information on how to unpack the tarball and configure SwiftForth for use. Don't worry, it's easy.

[Installation instructions]

Information for beginners

The evaluation version of SwiftForth is a great way to learn Forth programming via the free, online version of the classic Starting Forth tutorial and with the skill-building exercises in the more contemporary Forth Application Techniques textbook. Also available is the Forth Programmer's Handbook, a general Forth programming reference manual.

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