Firmware Engineering Services

New circuitry? Custom CPU/MCU? Nothing but schematics? FORTH, Inc. can be your expert ally for embedded-systems design and firmware development services.

photo: target board for embedded systems, firmware engineering services

Our developers excel at bringing up new hardware quickly. They also coax great performance out of it, despite any constraints. Our firmware engineering services can even create software tools for programming custom hardware and devices.

  • Rapid prototyping methods help develop a more-robust product or device with fewer false starts.
  • Incremental development supports discovering and testing novel solutions, and may dovetail with Agile methodologies.
  • Very efficient use of hardware resources means apps may use less memory, less horsepower, less battery power, and may generate less heat.
  • We can help bring up new processors/controllers — our engineers can help debug many issues with hardware, from chip to board to I/O.

Our developers can take your entire embedded-systems project from concept to design and production. Or we’ll just help you fix a thorny problem, then move on. Contact us to discuss how we can best support your specific situation.

Firmware Developers Who (Really) Know Hardware

We often develop code for hardware that is still in development. Our developers are intimately familiar with interfacing to hardware, and love bare-metal programming. Got schematics? Our firmware engineers will want to review them. We will be interested to learn how we can contribute to the success of your embedded-systems projects.


Our firmware development services team has deep expertise with many microprocessors and microcontrollers. Recent projects have seen our engineers developing for ARM, ColdFire, 68HC12, MSP430, 8051, AVR, and 68HCS08 systems.

Over our firm’s long history, of course, we’ve also become proficient with older hardware, such as 1802, 6303, 8031, 8085, 8086, 80186/188, 80486, 8096, 80C196, i860, 6800, 6809, 68000, 68020, 68332, 68K, 68HC11, 68HC16, Z80, 64180, H8H, H8S, RTX2000, RTX2010, and TI320C31.

In addition to hardware expertise, we have considerable experience in many application domains, including:

  • communications protocols
  • fiber-optic networking
  • telecommunications
  • medical instrumentation
  • measurement devices
  • process control
  • satellites and space
  • antenna controllers
  • irrigation systems
  • …and many more.

Much of our work involves providing firmware development services. We’re also known for our IDEs: SwiftX for embedded systems and SwiftForth for developing Windows, Linux, and macOS applications.

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