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Our computer software engineering services deliver successful projects to many respected clients. We are software development consultants who welcome interesting challenges!

Computer Software Engineering Services

We can work in a wide variety of application domains. FORTH, Inc. has developed software for projects in aerospace, manufacturing, medicine, municipal utilities, satellite communications, controls and automation, and much more.

Our programmer-engineers employ a disciplined approach. “Top-down design and bottom-up coding” is one of our guiding principle. Developing small code modules that are easily testable is another. This typically improves productivity and results in more-robust applications that are more-easily maintained.

Systems Software, Hardware Interfaces

Producing systems software is a specialty of our software engineering services. Our software engineers are experts in working with custom systems that may include unique or new processors, microcontrollers, and other hardware. Their portfolio includes the design and implementation of “virtual machine” systems software to facilitate development of applications software.

  • Our programmer-engineers can read schematics and provide valuable feedback during project design and development.
  • We are comfortable working “close to the metal” — including new or custom microprocessors, microcontrollers, systems buses, and devices.
  • We can deploy a solo software engineer or an entire team of developers, either working on thrown or integrating with your existing staff and other consultants.
  • We’ll work with you from concept through testing and production… or we can just help you over a particular challenge.
  • If you wish, we may remain available to provide post-project support, products enhancements and upgrades, etc.

We will be happy to discuss the best, most-efficient way we can contribute to your project. We can serve as your resourceful, independent software developers. Or we can be a comfortable, cooperative fit with your existing team. We can stay with you for the long haul or just help your project to clear a technical hurdle. What will work best in your situation?

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