Satellite Earth Station Antenna Controls

Radeus Labs Model 8200 Antenna Controller

The innovations at Radeus Labs, Inc. include satellite communications technology.

They invited FORTH, Inc. to join their Model 8200™ development team, notably supplying all firmware and other programming for their controller for larger dish antennas (satellite earth stations). The software interfaces with hardware controllers and limit switches in order to position the antenna precisely, as it locates and tracks user-specified satellites in earth orbit and adjusts for optimal signal quality.

photo: front panel display on the Model 8200, including touchscreen and hardware jog buttons.
The Model 8200™ antenna control unit (ACU) from Radeus Labs.

FORTH, Inc.’s team developed a contemporary user interface (UI) and well-tuned user experience (UX) for the antenna controls. A touchscreen display provides direct access to everything needed to identify and track satellites. Hardware jog buttons can also be used to position an antenna manually.

Our lead software engineer created an antenna-setup wizard that is, as far as we know, the first of its kind in satellite communications. It greatly simplifies the process of configuring a new installation or re-tuning it after site maintenance.

Of course, the software that locates and tracks a satellite in orbit is the core of the system and its raison d’être. Like the user-facing front end, it was developed in Forth using our commercially available SwiftForth and SwiftX IDEs.

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