Satellite Earth Station Antenna Controls

The innovations at Radeus Labs, Inc. include satellite communications technology. They invited FORTH, Inc. to join their Model 8200™ development team, notably supplying all firmware and other programming for their controller for larger dish antennas (satellite earth stations). The software interfaces with hardware controllers and limit switches in order to position the antenna precisely, as … Read more

Synchronous Optical Networking Multiplexers

GE Digital Energy Under a series of contracts with GE Digital Energy, FORTH, Inc. developed the firmware for the Ether-100, CDAX, OC-48, Ether-1000, and STM-16 units in the GE JungleMUX SONET and TN1Ue SDH multiplexer product line (synchronous optical networking). We continue to provide support for upgrades and enhancements to these system components. The robust … Read more

Space Shuttle Robot Arm Simulator

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center NASA’s Space Shuttle carries a 50-foot long, six-joint arm for use in satellite deployment and retrieval operations and to assist astronauts in servicing tasks such as the recent mission to repair and upgrade the Hubble Space Telescope. The arm, formally called the Remote Manipulator System (RMS), has ten different modes … Read more

University Engineering Course & SwiftX®

University of Detroit Mercy Dr. Mark J. Paulik Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering University of Detroit Mercy (Detroit, Michigan) I began using your SwiftX package this year in my 400-level embedded systems class. The class explores the Motorola MC9S12DP256 processor (a variant of the 68HC12) in some detail, and is accompanied by a laboratory … Read more

SMART Antenna Controllers Firmware

Lockheed Martin Missiles and Space Systems Under a series of contracts with Lockheed Martin Missiles and Space Systems, FORTH, Inc. participated in the design and did the full implementation of the firmware for the Master Controller unit in the S-Band Mobile Array Telemetry (SMART) phased array antenna, which has been successfully deployed at sea aboard … Read more

Solar Power Plant Controls

Sacramento Municipal Utility District Gary Sprung, Senior Real-Time Specialist Operations Management Systems Dept. Sacramento Municipal Utility District (Sacramento, California) Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) operates two 1-megawatt photo voltaic generating plants, PV1 and PV2, the largest of their kind in the United States. Operating in a 20-acre field near the closed Rancho Seco Nuclear Generating … Read more

Space Shuttle Scientific Instrumentation Interface

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Robert T. Caffrey, NASA/GSFC The following material is taken from the paper, "Forth in Space: Interfacing SSBUV, a Scientific Instrument, to the Space Shuttle," written by Robert T. Caffrey for the June, 1992, Rochester Forth Conference. It describes the development of the Forth-based Small Payload Accommodations Interface Module (SPAIM), which … Read more