Synchronous Optical Networking Multiplexers

GE Digital Energy

Under a series of contracts with GE Digital Energy, FORTH, Inc. developed the firmware for the Ether-100, CDAX, OC-48, Ether-1000, and STM-16 units in the GE JungleMUX SONET and TN1Ue SDH multiplexer product line (synchronous optical networking). We continue to provide support for upgrades and enhancements to these system components.

The robust design of the GE JungleMUX SONET and SDH multiplexers makes them the ideal synchronous optical networking solutions for electric utility, transportation, pipeline and industrial applications.

Synchronous Optical Networking Multiplexers - GE Digital Energy

The JungleMUX SONET multiplexer delivers the benefits of a single integrated access and transport package based on the Bellcore/Telcordia SONET telecommunications standards to applications previously served by a mix of proprietary and legacy standards based equipment.

The TN1Ue SDH multiplexer delivers robust, secure, wide area telecommunications over an optical cable infrastructure adhering to
ITU-T SDH standards, offering reliable support for a wide array of applications. The enclosed shelf design provides additional security in sensitive electromagnetic interference (EMI) environments.

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